Kickoff: SIP Twitter Spaces Series ‘If I Were Governor…’ for IdeasBankAlaIgbo

Society of Igbo Professionals (SIP) is happy to introduce its civic project ‘IdeasBankAlaIgbo’ under SIP Oboodoma Programme.

IdeasBankAlaIgbo is an open content generation and curation platform where people post, share, discuss, and polish new ideas which the government and private sector/groups can collaborate to adopt/adapt and implement for the growth and development of Ala Igbo.

IdeasBankAlaIgbo will focus on 6 key areas:

  1. Content (Ideas) Generation
  2. Content (Ideas) Curation
  3. Review and Revision of Curated Ideas by SIP Workgroups
  4. Strategic and Operational Framework Design by SIP Workgroups
  5. Engagement and Dissemination of Designed Framework to Key Policy Makers and Public
  6. Follow Up on Submitted Frameworks

As part of the content generation and curation  for  IdeasBankAlaIgbo,  SIP is kicking off with a monthly civic discourse series called ‘If I Were Governor…’. The series will take place every 3rd Saturday of the month on SIP Twitter Spaces. The live session  of ‘If I Were Governor…’ will be anchored by members of SIP community with a rapporteur recording and compiling bankable ideas for  review by SIP workgroups

IdeasBankAlaIgbo aims to promote community participation in solution-driven discourse, motivate collaboration between the public and private sector, support government and influence public policy, and connect government and the masses in solving problems of general and practical interest.

To participate in the 1st edition of ‘If I Were Governor…’ taking place on SIP Twitter Spaces  on Saturday 21st April 2022 at 6pm WAT, follow us on Twitter @theofficialsip

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