Africa Economic and Cultural Week: Nzuko 2022

AfricaFora is proud to present Nzuko 2022, bringing Africa, the diaspora and their allies together, the event is articulated around Africa Day (May 25), to address its future and reframe the narrative by placing its citizens at the core.

Africa’s future and successes in facing the health, economic and climate crises will be defined by the strength of the ties between continents; and that can only come through honest and sincere dialogue. With your participation, Nzuko 2022 will develop and enhance the depth and reliability of these relationships, emphasising a sustainable and win-win paradigm.

Attendance is by registration only, so please register here and find out more about us on

This event is the second edition of AfricaFora’s Africa Economic & Cultural Week and is organised with the support of Msingi Afrika Magazine. Each day will be followed by short inventors’ presentations, where AfricaFora will highlight one African inventor and their product.

Tuesday, May 24th – Day One (10.00 – 13.00 CEST)

Session I. Believing in Africans: people centric approach to development

  • Vivian Oluchi Iro-Uchime, Education as a tool to development
  • Sylvester Osmond Hanciles, Escaping the poverty trap through a people centric approach
  • Tochukwu C. Chukwueke, Harnessing inventive talents for African development

Session II. African science-based policy

  • Anselm Adobo, Indigenous knowledge systems at the heart of Africa’s health policy reform
  • Igor Miranda, Strengthening black communities in Brazil through scientific research
  • Kirubel Teshome, Pathways to decolonizing Africa’s food system

Session III. Women at the forefront of the African renaissance

  • Dion Johnson, Unmasking your power to transform Africa
  • Daniella Sachs, Brand Africa for Africans
  • Monique Burt Williams, “Represent”: the plight of black women in leadership

Wednesday, May 25th – Day Two (10.00 to 13.00 CEST)

Session IV. An African narrative

  • Christopher Ehret, Global History and Africa
  • Elizabeth Tchwenko-Fabu, African fabric, African storytelling
  • Chibu Akukwe, Taking back control of our narrative
  • John Amanam Sunday, Think Africa: re-examining our potentials as Africans

Session V. Less talking, more doing: African development

  • Annkio Briggs, Development and resource management in Nigeria
  • Uzoma P. Nnganyadi, Why people of African descent succeed abroad, but fail at home
  • Christoph Ndayiragije,Promoting Africa’s financial independence
  • Chioma Philips, Taking Africa beyond socioeconomic apartheid

Session VI. Reconnecting with diasporas

  • Adelson Silva de Brito,The Anago people in the City they call Bahia
  • Yinka Olaiya, Brazil, the Africa out of Africa
  • Sanja Djurdjulov, Reconnecting Africa and Serbia

Thursday, May 26th – Day Three (10.00 to 12.00 CEST)

Session VII. Session francophone

  • Koffi Jacques Olivier N’guessan, Innovation agricole, le développement durable en Afrique
  • Josette Bruffaerts-Thomas, La technologie pour un accès juste à une éducation de qualité
  • Dr Neuza Alves da Silva, De ma pauvre maison au Palais du Tribunal Fédéral
  • Victor Mancir da Silva Santana, L’intersection entre l’éducation et les sciences

Session VIII. Media at the service of democracy and development

  • Obi Emelonye, Towards the Emergence of Nollywood Cinema
  • Clair Mtui, Performing arts and democracy
  • Nii Amarh Amarteifio, Supporting a free press for a stronger Africa


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